FM : Move Management

Move People, Not Mountains !

Create and Manage All Your Moves

What if you could move twice the number of people in half the time and spend half as much? You can make it happen ! Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross-functional group or reorganizing an entire location, you can rely on the Move Management Module to reduce move costs and deliver better service.

Reduce Move Costs and Improve Service

Reduce Move Costs

  • Avoid unnecessary moves and costly reconfiguration projects
  • Improve productivity of move planners
  • Get more value from move service providers
  • Reduce disruption to operations and impact to occupant productivity

  • Improve Move Service

  • Minimize move delays and errors
  • Improve communication with internal customers
  • Coordinate efforts of multiple service providers
  • Get Churn under Control, From Start to Finish

  • Move Planning

  • Get detailed and accurate move requirements with Web-based move request forms
  • Automate email communication for move approvals and status updates
  • Enhance move planning with real-time space, occupancy and move data
  • Improve collaboration with move liaisons
  • Manage large moves as projects

  • Move Coordination

  • Configurable move workflow supports consistent, efficient move processes
  • Automate email communication for service provider work status
  • Centralized scheduling

  • Performance Management

  • Analyze churn by department or building to identify areas for improvement
  • Track move costs with quick reporting features
  • Measure customer satisfaction with automated surveys to internal customers

  • Enterprise Move Management

  • Provide Web-based access for move planners, liaisons, internal customers and service providers
  • Automate communications with e-mail notifications
  • Keep space and occupancy data up-to-date
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    SIMEK (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in March 1984, specializing in various IT solutions, Project Management and Consulting. We have firmly established and positioned ourselves as a dynamic organization providing innovative and effective solutions to cope with the rapid changes in life and to create an enhanced quality of living for all.

    We provide the solution of CAFM (computer aided facility management) technology and IWMS (Integrated workplace Management ) with experience and skill Property managers, help corporation strategically manage their real estate holdings, assets, people, move management , preventive maintenance and work order systems.

    Why SIMEKS

    SIMEKS Malaysia is an upcoming solution provider for Embedded Systems, Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence, EAI, Data Warehousing, Networking and Telecommunications and also to Enabling Technologies over the world through the Internet.

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