FM : Facility Maintenance

Have to be out of the office for the day? No Problem !

Service Requests & Preventive Maintenance

How much of your day do you spend logging, dispatching, tracking and reporting on service requests? Keep this part of your job manageable with the Facility Maintenance Module.

Service Requests

Empowering users to electronically submit service requests and then check their status via the intranet eliminates the need for you to return countless phone calls. Once in the system, work orders are forwarded to the appropriate facilities staff for approval, assigned to technicians or vendors, and closed out automatically – giving you the day back to focus on more strategic efforts for the organization. Have to be out of the office for the day? No problem – you can access maintenance requests and work orders on your PDA.

    Facility Maintenance Service Requests Module can :

  • Effortlessly coordinate supervisors, technicians, workshops and outside vendors to complete facilities maintenance tasks
  • Automate e-mail and Web messages to ensure deadlines aren’t forgotten and ensure quality control for the facilities maintenance process
  • Track and report on critical data associated with service requests, such as repair costs, response time, and work history.
  • Provide self-service request forms and work order status views for internal customers.
  • Stay up to date, even while out of the office, on all the progress of all maintenance requests.

Preventive Maintenance

Extend the life of valuable equipment and get hours back in your day by automating preventive maintenance scheduling and work orders. The Facility Maintenance Module enables you to keep an inventory and detailed history of your building equipment and related maintenance requirements. Receive e-mail reminders for routine tasks such as six month checkups on air conditioning units and copiers, and automatically creates a maintenance ticket in the system. All you have to do is dispatch.

    Facility Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Module can :

  • Maintain an inventory of building equipment with maintenance and cost history
  • Schedule e-mail reminders for yourself and your vendors for preventive maintenance tasks
  • Create maintenance tickets automatically for scheduled maintenance jobs
  • Route work orders to internal staff and vendors
  • Run reports on various vendors and equipment to analyze costs

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