FM : Space Management

Analyze space and occupancy to reduce real estate costs

Strategically Manage Your Space, Deliver Real Business Value

Don’t just count every space, make every space count Imagine managing every space in every building in your portfolio - without leaving your computer. The Space Management Module can help you do just that. Designed to give facility professionals, departmental liaisons and executive management complete visibility into space and occupancy, the Space Management Module keeps your real-time information in one centralized location, no matter how large your portfolio. Then you can make every space count. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can begin to strategically manage your space and deliver real business value to your organization.

    One system, your entire portfolio, every space

  • Reduce occupancy costs across your entire portfolio
  • Make the most of your existing space
  • Produce easy and accurate space chargeback reports
  • Manage your space inventory
  • Allocate space to departments
  • Manage occupancy
  • Publish space and occupancy information on your internal intranet or the Internet

Reliable, Real-time Facilities Data – all in One Location

The Space Management Module of is a comprehensive system for centralizing and storing real-time information about the buildings and space you manage along with the groups and people that occupy them. Instead of walking the hallways and floors to double check your data or see where people sit, you can work with departmental liaisons to keep your space and occupancy data accurate and up-to-date.

The CAD and BIM integration features take spatial information directly from drawings or BIM models so you always have real-time data. And because easily integrates with other systems already in use in your organization, such as your HR database, occupancy information is quickly updated too. This dramatically reduces the efforts needed to manually pull it from spreadsheets while greatly increasing data accuracy.

The floor plan viewer makes it easy to view and share this information in a Web-browser, enabling you to get an overall look into your entire portfolio and giving access to critical facilities data enterprise-wide. So the next time your executive team needs space and occupancy reports for a meeting in ten minutes – you have all the tools you need right in front of you to get it to them.

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SIMEK (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in March 1984, specializing in various IT solutions, Project Management and Consulting. We have firmly established and positioned ourselves as a dynamic organization providing innovative and effective solutions to cope with the rapid changes in life and to create an enhanced quality of living for all.

We provide the solution of CAFM (computer aided facility management) technology and IWMS (Integrated workplace Management ) with experience and skill Property managers, help corporation strategically manage their real estate holdings, assets, people, move management , preventive maintenance and work order systems.


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