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Improve Coordination Of Documents For Bidding

Preconstruction Managementensures your preconstruction team is working on the most current documents all the time, every time. It combines enterprise software for project information management (PIM) with an ATM-easy web interface. Plus, it integrates with systems you use now, such as Microsoft ® Office® Outlook® email.

    Facilitate secure and easy bidding

  • Quickly tap into the central company directory to determine who will receive bid documents.
  • Distribute bid documents more quickly, securely and easily than with FTP.
  • Record each time a subcontractor accesses a bid package.
  • Assure your team always has current information.
  • Virtually eliminate printing and shipping costs.

    Coordinate documents for MEP clash detection

  • Distribute and collect models from subcontractors.
  • Ensure everyone has latest version of the all models.
  • Conduct comprehensive electronic reviews.
  • Securely coordinate and track project communications and actions.
  • Facilitate document collaboration with all project members via shared folders.

    Ease communication, mitigate risk

  • Manage email without altering your present system.
  • Gain access to all project-related email, even if senders or recipients are no longer with the company.
  • Search the full contents of fi led emails and attachments, including ZIP files.
  • Access project email fi les from your smartphone and tablet.

About Our Company

SIMEK (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in March 1984, specializing in various IT solutions, Project Management and Consulting. We have firmly established and positioned ourselves as a dynamic organization providing innovative and effective solutions to cope with the rapid changes in life and to create an enhanced quality of living for all.

We provide the solution of CAFM (computer aided facility management) technology and IWMS (Integrated workplace Management ) with experience and skill Property managers, help corporation strategically manage their real estate holdings, assets, people, move management , preventive maintenance and work order systems.


SIMEKS Malaysia is an upcoming solution provider for Embedded Systems, Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence, EAI, Data Warehousing, Networking and Telecommunications and also to Enabling Technologies over the world through the Internet.

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